During the 8 years under the Obama Administration, peace in Asia continued to deteriorate. China has actively expanded military facilities in the South China Sea, and North Korea has continued nuclear development and to conduct missile tests for mounting nuclear warheads. In Japan, strategic acquisitions by Chinese capital of companies related to natural resources such as real estate and underground water resources in Hokkaido have increased. Meanwhile, China is beginning to declare sovereignty over not only the Senkaku Islands, but also over the mainland of Okinawa.

In the U.S., companies managed by the Chinese Government are continuing to acquire a wide variety of U.S. firms ranging from American pop culture such as U.S. cinema complex companies and film production companies etc. to industrial equipment, home electronics manufacturers, and hotels etc. In response to this, within the “National Security Strategy” announced by President Trump in December 2017, economic issues have been tied to national security, and China has been positioned as a “strategic competitor”.

Within such heightened tensions in Asia, it is highly likely that local conflict will arise in the future, and it is in particularly necessary to raise the consciousness towards national defense in Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines. At the same time, in order to overcome this crisis, a “choice of and decisions on values” is necessary. In other words, the time has come to choose and decide whether freedom and democracy centered in Japan, U.S. and India will lead the world, or whether totalitarian countries such as North Korea and China where there is no freedom of speech will be allowed to control the world by terror.

Therefore, in order to protect the “Peace and Prosperity” of Asia, in January 2018, the APCU (The Asia Pacific Conservative Union) has been founded headquartered in Taiwan, a strategically important location in Asia, as the key location for “Conservatism” upholding freedom and democracy in each region in the Asia Pacific.


The Asia Pacific Conservative Union
Chairman: Jay Jikidou Aeba


Jay Jikido Aeba


Chairman of Japanese Conservative Union (JCU). Since 2012, he has served as advisor to the of the National Committee of the Japanese Communist Party. In 2015, he founded JCU as the counterpart of the American Conservative Union (ACU). In March 2016, even though it was before Trump became the official candidate, he published the book “The Trump Revolution” which advocated Trump as being the long-awaited president, overriding objections from people around him. Together with “Clinton Clash” published in February (served as editorial supervisor), his books have achieved first place in the best seller rankings. After President Trump was elected, the words ‘Trump “Revolution”’ which was made by Aeba became a big boom among the conservatives.